On the eve of a legal battle against discriminators* (*recruiters who refuse to hire non-native English-speaking teachers) Having been a victim of discrimination for several years now, here is the situation today : -         No decision and no support from the French defender of rights since I started to report the bad practices to them with written proofs 8 months ago  ; -          No support from trade unions (the ones which apply to my activity as a freelancer) -           Some good news though : SOS racisme (a famous French association) supports me in this battle ! -          Lawyer fees spent for no result so far (due to schools’ refusals to admit any wrongdoing); -          In France, there has been no similar case of an English teacher taking schools to court for this kind of discrimination in recruitment.  Here are some big questions that French judges may need to answer in the coming months/years (the answers may seem obvious to some of you, b
  SONDANNESTs survey results analysis – (analyse des résultats du sondage) Introduction   : Thanks to all the 43 participants who kindly dedicated a few minutes to this cause ! As most respondents were English teachers (76.7%), I will focus on analysing their answers. I have tried to create a link for the complete survey results but unfortunately I have here is the gist of this survey's teachings ! Merci aux 43 personnes qui ont bien voulu dédier quelques minutes à cette cause ! La plupart des sondé.e.s étaient des professeurs d’anglais (76.7%), c’est pourquoi je concentrerai mon analyse sur leurs réponses. J'ai essayé de créer un lien pour l'ensemble des résultats du sondage, mais en vain...donc vous trouverez ci-dessous l'essentiel à retenir ! Most interesting figures / chiffres les plus intéressants*  : *(questions with a sufficient number of answers / questions ayant récolté un nombre suff